Gene.iO 2022

Are you at the head of an innovative Biotechnology startup? Apply to a whole program to enhance your biotech!

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Do you manage a company that innovates in the field of biotechnology? 
Are you looking for funding? 

Gene.iO speeds up your fundraising process 

Gene.iO is a one-year program at the cutting edge of biotech expertise, to help you succeed in your first fundraising or commercial agreement. Gene.iO broadens your perspectives, guides your scaling strategy and opens the door to your primary market.
Gene.iO is a bio-innovation acceleration programme that adapts to YOUR start-up to make a successful transition from technology to financing.
Both personalised (360° audit, individual mentoring, choice of packs, etc.) and collective to generate mutual support and collaboration. Gene.iO also combines organisation and agility: a roadmap is drawn up at the beginning of the programme based on the audit of your company, which allows you to plan your development roadmap.

Gene.iO's support also allows you to pivot your initial project during the course of the programme, in the event of an opportunity identified while presenting your innovation to the stakeholders of a primary market.


Can I apply?

Yes, if you run an innovative startup (post POC) in the following fields:
  • Innovative therapies (gene therapy, cell therapy, biotherapy, Car-T cell, diagnostics...)
  • Bioeconomy (synthetic biology, bioproduction, greentech, foodtech, agri-agrotech...)
  • Digital genomics (software, data analysis/management, AI...).
To submit an application, please click on the Participate button at the top right.
Gene.iO is composed of a Starter kit and a choice of training courses declined in 4 packs which cover broad fields of entrepreneurship and business management
A starter kit for all successful applicants :
  • A repayable advance of €20,000
  • financial assistance for setup
  • a personalised audit of your company at the start and end of the programme
  • access to Genopole tech platforms
  • a dedicated mentor
  • a Genopole project manager
4 custom Expertise packs, each pack includes:
  • open seminars -> collective intelligence that benefits everyone!
  • individual sessions -> completely confidential expertise that is just for you! 

Get the best possible advice

Gene.iO starts with a full diagnosis of your business.
Your needs are identified ➡️ we design your programme accordingly.
Throughout the programme, you are supported by:
  • a Genopole project manager with expertise in supporting biotech companies
  • a mentor with experience of managing an innovative biotech company

Feel free!

Genopole pays you an advance of €20,000 without taking a stake in the capital.
You are the entrepreneur, so you lead the way.
Gene.iO is an offer that can be tailored to your needs. It’s you that decides

4 Expertise Packs

Market Access

Customer discovery; an action plan to enter your primary market and associated intellectual property strategy.  


Strategy to convince public/private backers or business partners; an opportunity to pitch to pre-selected investors, etc. 

Key Accounts Partnerships

Strategy to connect with the leading innovative companies in your field; commercial negotiation strategy. 

Communication Strategy

Strategy to highlight your strengths and put together an attractive presentation of your company 

We help you choose

Gene.IO starts with a meticulous 360° assessment of your start-up's strengths and weaknesses. That valuable assessment, in symbiosis with the knowledgeable support of your mentor and project manager, will help identify your needs, guide your choice of packs and trace your route to the future.

What to expect

Certainly not generalities and first-year university lectures. Gene.IO is in the here and now, with real objectives to be met: funding or a commercial agreement.
The program agilely responds to your needs, desires and ambitions.

For guidance and encouragement, Gene.IO includes accompaniment by:
  • a carefully selected and experience mentor, who will provide valuable strategic advice for your business
  • a Genopole project manager, who will remain by your side in a relation of confidence and proximity