Vous êtes à la tête d’une startup innovante en biotechnologie ? Postulez à : tout un programme pour valoriser VOTRE biotech !

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Submit your candidacy for Gene.IO, 

a complete program to valorize your biotech!

Are you heading an innovative biotech start-up?
Do you need financing to prepare your market entry
and develop your innovation or product?

This program is tailored to your needs!

Gene.IO is a one-year accompaniment program to help you successfully transition your start-up, grow your technology and establish funding.

The program welcomes innovative, post–proof-of-concept start-ups, and a year later, sends them off as a consolidated company with a successful initial fund-raising campaign or commercial agreement.
As a Gene.IO participant, you benefit from:
  • a €20,000 repayable advance
  • financial assistance for localization
  • access to a coworking space, offices and laboratories
  • a choice of "Strategy Packs" adapted to your needs
  • support from a mentor and a Genopole project manager
  • access to state of the art technological platforms
  • access to Genopole’s ecosystem
  • increased international visibility


Who can apply?

All those who:
  • have created an innovative biotech and demonstrated proof-of-concept
  • developed an innovation or a novel product in Genopole's strategic sectors:
    • innovative therapies (gene and cell therapies, biotherapies, immunotherapies, diagnosis, etc.)
    • the bioeconomy (synthetic biology, bioproduction, greentech, foodtech, agritech, etc.)
    • computational genomics (programs, data analysis/management, AI, etc.)
  • and are impassioned by their work and determined to succeed
Can apply for Gene.IO.
We look forward to meeting you!
Submit your dossier here.

Click on the Participate button at the top right.

You are free!

Gene.IO demands neither access to your company's equity nor sharing of your intellectual property. You are the entrepreneur and thus the unique captain of your ship.
You can choose from four Strategy Packs: Business Model, Fund-Raising, Key Accounts Partnerships, Communication Strategy.

Each pack includes:
  • seminars open to all class members, at which connections, mutual aid and collective intelligence take form
  • custom-tailored one-on-one meetings to provide you with expertise on your specific needs

4 Strategy Packs

Business model

It will allow you to build strategies for market access, intellectual property as well as suiting the needs of your target market.


It will accompany you in the structuring of your financing strategy with a pitching opportunity at the key ...

Key Accounts Partnerships

It will give you concrete means for establishing relationships with large innovative companies in your field as well as a business strategy.

Communication Strategy

It will be used to develop your strengths, to present different aspects of your innovation in order to maximize your attractiveness.

We help you choose

Gene.IO starts with a meticulous 360° assessment of your start-up's strengths and weaknesses. That valuable assessment, in symbiosis with the knowledgeable support of your mentor and project manager, will help identify your needs, guide your choice of packs and trace your route to the future.

What to expect

Certainly not generalities and first-year university lectures. Gene.IO is in the here and now, with real objectives to be met: funding or a commercial agreement.
The program agilely responds to your needs, desires and ambitions.

For guidance and encouragement, Gene.IO includes accompaniment by:
  • a carefully selected and experience mentor, who will provide valuable strategic advice for your business
  • a Genopole project manager, who will remain by your side in a relation of confidence and proximity