ATIGEs 2022

Poste d'accueil pour jeune leader


Eligibility and conditions 

  •  The programme is intended to create new research teams in Genopole campus in the related fields. Hence, it is strictly targeted to researchers who have the ability to lead a team (R3 to R4 as referred in Euraxess);
  • The applicant holds a permanent position in a public research organisation or a university or is holding an ERC grant. In all cases, his/her own salary shall be secured for the whole duration of the research programme ;
  • The applicant must not have carried out her/his main research activity in the hosting team or in one of the research laboratories located in Genopole Campus in the 3 years before the application deadline;
  • They shall provide due authorisation of mobility and discharge from their current institution (1) ; in case of teaching or clinical activity, they must secure at least half-time on the ATIGE research project;
  • The applicant must commit for a total duration of 5 years.
  • Application file must be complete and submitted in due time (see Timelines), all fields completed.

(1) It may be a complete or partial discharge of teaching or clinical hours but must allow acceptable research time withing the hosting team in Genopole (at least 1/2time)


Amount and duration

The grant total amount of 250 000 €, is allocated for a duration of 36 months.

At least 50% of this amount must be spent on the personal cost of the recruited team (salaries of the scientific staff of the new team: engineers, technicians or post-doctoral researchers). The remaining budget can be used for the conduct the project (consumables, databases, missions, software) ; equipments are not allowed in ATIGE grant, however there is a specific annual call for equipments in Genopole.


Once the successful applicant/project is selected, Genopole sends a notification letter to the applicant and to the director of the hosting laboratory; it is the responsibility of the director and the applicant to provide the due administrative authorisations prior to the start of the project (mobility and freeding from teaching / clinical practice).

A grant is then established between Genopole, the hosting institution and the applicant for the whole duration of the project. The administrative and financial conditions are stated in the grant as well as the rights and obligations of the hosting supervisor and of the fellow.

The applicant commits to spend at least 5 years at the  Genopole biocluster.

Reporting and follow-up

In terms of follow-up of the contract, the fellow will provide annual interim scientific reports and financial statements on the use of resources; a final report will be requested within 60 days after the end date of the grant; a report template will be communicated accordingly.

Payments will be done upon reception and validation of the annual reports; 10% of the total budget will be paid after reception and validation of the final reports. The grantee must check that the hosting administration sends the appeal for funds in due time.