ATIGEs 2021

Create & finance your team within a research unit located at Genopole

Attractiveness program for scientific leaders

Genopole developed the ATIGE program in order to enhance the attractivity of the academic and private laboratories hosted on its site (Thematic Incentive Action of Genopole).
Since 2001 the ATIGE program has allowed attract to 31 researchers hosted in academic teams and has led to the creation of new research teams and units and accounts for major scientific leaders in the fields cited above.

This call for proposals opens an Atige grant in the specific field of therapeutic bioproduction applied to gene and cell therapies for a position that will be hosted in the laboratory CiTHERA, (UMS Inserm, University of Evry and University of Paris-Saclay) directed by Prof. Annelise Bennaceur-Griscelli.

Atiges Grants For New Teams  

Atige grants promote the emergence of future scientific leaders by enabling working researchers to create a team within one of the biocluster’s research units. The Atige programs are aimed at researchers with a position within a public research organisation. The research projects must reflect Genopole’s areas of interest. 
The Atige grant recipients are selected by an independent scientific committee following an annual call for applications launched by Genopole. Once the projects have been reviewed, €250,000 is allocated over three years with the possibility to finance technical assistants, engineers or postdoctoral researchers within the new team.

Who can apply?

The programme is intended to create new research teams at the Genopole biocluster in the related fields. Hence, it is strictly targeted to researchers who have the ability to lead a team.
The applicant must hold a permanent position in a French research organisation or university; researchers from international organisations may be eligible under the condition of a secured salary for the duration of the ATIGE grant (5 years).
Researchers involved in other responsibilities as lecturers or clinicians, must be freed(1) from teaching or practice service by due administrative authorisation.

(1) It may be a complete or partial discharge of teaching or clinical hours but must allow acceptable research time withing the hosting team in Genopole.

About Genopole

Genopole is a pioneering biocluster in Evry located 30 kms south of Paris and dedicated to genomics and biotechnologies in health and environment. On its 5 campuses of 115 000 m2 of buildings and facilities, the biocluster Genopole unites academic research laboratories, higher education institutions and private companies.

The interdisciplinary scientific orientations opened for the fellows support several RDI domains both in the academic and the private sector through the 18 academic laboratories and 77 companies hosted at the biocluster Genopole. The main strategic areas are genomics, regenerative medicine and biotherapies, synthetic and systemic biology; they are applied to health and environment and include a large panel of disciplines.