ATIGEs 2021

Create & finance your team within a research unit located at Genopole


Application deadline: July 10, 2021
Selection : November 2021
For the successful candidates, Atige Program will start on January 2022

Eligibility and conditions

  • The applicant holds a permanent position in a public research organisation or a university or is holding an ERC grant. In all cases, his/her own salary shall be secured for at least 5 years;
  • The applicant must not have carried out any research activity in the hosting team or in one of the research laboratories located at Genopole Campus;
  • The applicants shall provide a due authorisation of mobility from their institution as well as an authorisation to be freed them from teaching or clinical practice if any.
  • Once selected, the successful applicant will receive a total amount of €250,000 of operating financing for 3 years ; at least 50% of this amount is dedicated to the recruitments of scientific staff.
  • The applicant must commit for a total duration of 5 years.

Selection Process

Each application is composed of the applicant profile and the project proposal; both parts are considered as a whole document that will be sent to the independent experts for assessment.
The assessment will be based on objective criteria scored from 1 to 5 as shown in the tables below. The scientific committee of Genopole will proceed to the ranking and final selection based on the expert assessment reports.


Evaluated part Evaluation criteria
(scored 1 to 5)
Evaluation of the research
Research project S&T Quality
  • Scientific and technical merit
  • Clarity of objectives
  • Originality of proposed research and awareness of current debates and state-of-the-art
  • Comprehensive and appropriate theoretical and methodological framework
  • Feasibility within given time-frame
  • Budget evaluation
  • Recognition of anticipated impact of work
  • Publication, dissemination and exploitation plan
  • Openness to interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Openness to international collaboration
Evaluation of the applicant
Applicant qualification Experience
  • Quality of the CV
  • Research track-record
  • Training
  • Awards & Funding
  • Capacity to conduct the research project
  • Statements of recommendation
  • Previous / current partnerships and international collaborations


Scoring chart
Outstanding The proposal stands out with exceptional quality and meets all relevant aspects of the criteria
4 Excellent The proposal is strong and meets the criteria well. Any shortcomings are minor
3 Correct to Good The proposal addresses the criteria well, although improvements in some elements are called for
2 Average The proposal broadly addresses the criteria. It has not been fully elaborated and there are several weaknesses
1 Poor to Below average The proposal has serious inherent weaknesses and /or fails to address the criteria