Call for international experts 2022-2026


Genopole is a pioneering biocluster located in Evry - Paris région, and dedicated to biotherapies, genomics  and biotechnologies applied to health and environment. It unites 19 academic laboratories, higher education institutions and 77 biotech companies.
The support to research and innovation is a key strategic pillar of Genopole ; we launch every year several calls for proposals targeted to researchers and senior leaders (R2 to R4) all hosted within our campus.
Since 2001, Genopole grants benefitted to 35 team leaders and to 100 postdoctoral researchers.
The total budget of these calls from 2021 to 2025 is worth 7 M€ of which 3,4 M€ Horizon2020-MSCA Cofund programme.

Appointment of international experts

for proposal assessment

In the context of its competitive calls, Genopole follows strict selection process according to the international standards for the assessment and the recruitment of researchers. It includes,  but not limited to, international and independent peer reviewing of the proposals. 

The panels of international experts are appointed for a total duration of 3 years starting from January 2023 to December 2025.

Discipline panels

  • LS1 Molecules of Life: Biological Mechanisms, Structures and Functions
  • LS2 Integrative Biology: From Genes and Genomes to Systems
  • LS3 Cellular, Developmental and Regenerative Biology
  • LS4 Physiology in Health, Disease and Ageing
  • LS6 Immunity, Infection and Immunotherapy
  • LS7 Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Diseases
  • LS8 Environmental Biology, Ecology and Evolution
  • LS9 Biotechnology and Biosystems Engineering

  • PE1 Mathematics
  • PE4 Physical and Analytical Chemical Sciences
  • PE5 Synthetic Chemistry and Materials
  • PE6 Computer Science and Informatics

  • SH1 Individuals, Markets and Organisations
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